Dino Lanzaretti

My name is Dino Lanzaretti, I live travelling the world and occasionally in Schio. I have spent a great part of the 32 years of my life travelling across some of the most fascinating and remote places on the planet. I have been hanging out, climbing mountains and crossing deserts on my bike, I have lived extreme adventures on the limit of survival.
Today I no longer have the ambition to face the wildest nature and challenge my body and my mind's limits. I believe in fact I have risked enough during my last feat in Tibet.
This time I want to learn about and to share everything which can be discovered on the way. This is why I will ride a tandem with Simone for thousands of kilometres to other parts of the world, binding my eyes and my experience to his strong will and the force of his legs.
To get lost around the world is one of the things I do well.
I have been travelling alone for many years in unusual ways and across ancient and mysterious regions. I chose to travel in total freedom, tracing my route day by day without a fixed destination which could distract from savouring the present.
Travelling around the world without a fixed destination permits me not to be conditioned by time or space limits, and permits me to feel the real author of my life in each and every moment, deepening the meaning an encounter or contemplating a landscape.
In other words, this is my way to feed my pure and profound instinct to discover.

INDIA E NEPAL (2003-2004)
Without any doubt this is the ideal place to be born again and to leave behind the weight of living in the western world which often takes us away from the profound sense of existence.
After conventional touristic routes I ventured North in the direction of the Himalayas to continue my travels along the coast until I reached the extreme South part of the continent.
As an explorer of the human existence too, I visited and 'touched' all faces of this incredible country, I met illuminated people and holy men to question them about the infinite matters of existence.
Afterwards, richer of questions than before, I ventured to the Nepalese valleys undertaking alone the climbing of Mount Everest and Anapurna, and spending over a month surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes in the world.


My love for mountains and attraction to adventure found the ideal testing ground on the highest peaks of Perů, where I climbed some "easy" 6 thousand metre high mountains to train for the highest mountains of the Americas. In Argentina I faced the 6986 metres high Anconcagua and in Chile the 6890 metre Ohos del Salado. In Patagonia I crossed the Hielo Continental ice sheet after which I went back to Chile for trekking in Torres del Paine. I also went to the Bolivian deserts and to the most isolated regions of the Andes, and fell in love with the fascinating people who live there. All this in the excited way of the penniless traveller who is rich of time and imagination.

I left without money and without knowing exactly where to go, I rode along roads of Asia discovering places of which I didn't presume existed. I have cycled through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar crossing borders thanks to improvisation and pure luck! Eastern charm and the slowness of my mean of transport, gave me the possibility to savour every moment and every metre of this marvellous trip.


I went through the whole of Tibet from East to West covering 6 thousand kilometres of the highest and most isolated route of the world. I got to the area by land avoiding border controls and remaining in the shadows for the whole way, crossing check points by night. Travel in hiding gave me the opportunity to discover the real Tibet and its people. Thanks to their kindness I survived through hunger and difficulties. In their tents I found rest and sincere smiles, necessary to recover after months of loneliness on the desert plateau over 5000 kilometres. At the moment, I am the only Italian who covered this route.
Il sito verra aggiornato prossimamente con il materiale riguardante l'ultima parte del viaggio, potrete trovare Simone di persona alla fiera dei cicli e motocicli di Verona presso lo stand ENERGIA E SORRISI il 21, 22,23 gennaio 2011

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